Test Prep Programs

The test prep programs are specific, focused, and goal-oriented, complementing our K-9 foundational programs.

While our foundational programs focus on building fundamental skills and basic understanding, we also recognize that competitive assessment and performance in qualifying achievement tests play a major part in students’ advancement. Advanced and accelerated learning is made available to students often through placement in gifted and talented programs and magnet schools.

Targeted practice, learning test-taking strategies, and working with exercises in logical reasoning, and verbal analogies will provide a distinct competitive edge to our students.

We offer effective group-based as well as individually tailored coaching in test preparation for placement tests such as NNAT, CogAT, TJ, AOS, AET, PSAT,and SAT. Students will have an opportunity to take several full-length realistic practice tests in addition to learning and reviewing the underlying concepts. Our Grade 7 TJ AOS AET Prep program is geared towards providing comprehensive yearlong preparation, training students in what is required for honors-level Grade 7 Math & English but also complementing that with additional math knowledge in specific areas such as Combinatorics and Geometry. Students also receive required training in Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Scientific logic/reasoning and in writing Science and Technology based essays.

We also offer High school Math programs in Geometry, Algebra-2/Trigand Pre-calculus/Math Analysis.


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