Sample Questions

SCI Math Minds Sample Questions



Grade 1

Grade 1-1 Solve the following946

+ 495


Grade 1-2 What is the value of   ? 

37    =    26 – 8 + __?__

Grade 1-3 Today is Wednesday. What day of the week is 15 days from today?
Grade 1-4 Bob had 80¢. He spent 1 dime, 2 nickels and 1 penny. How much money is left with Bob now?
Grade 1-5 Sandy is 6 years older than Jane. Beverly is 3 years younger than Jane. How many years older is Sandy than Beverly?

Grade 2

Grade 2-1 Solve the following449  + ____ = 1004 + 2
Grade 2-2 I am an even, three-digit number. I am greater than 338 and less than 342. What number am I?
Grade 2-3 Matt was playing from 10:00 AM till 2:10 PM on the same day. How many minutes did Matt play?
Grade 2-4 Ann bought cake that costs $10.50. She gave a twenty dollar bill at the checkout counter. How much change did Ann get back?
Grade 2-5 Erna likes to write down all whole numbers from 5 to 129 in a sequence. How many even numbers will there be?



Grade 3

Grade 3-1 A man has 8 sons. Each of these sons has 8 sons. How many people does it make all together including the man?
Grade 3-2 There are 21 students in a class. Two-third of them are girls. How many boys are in the class?
Grade 3-3 A patient took 5 ml of medicine 4 times a day for one week. How much medicine did the patient take altogether?
Grade 3-4 If I earn $2 every 30 minutes, how much do I earn in 12 hours?
Grade 3-5 Sam is 6 years older than Joe. Ben is 3 years younger than Joe. How many years older is Sam than Ben?

Grade 4

Grade 4-1 One side of an equilateral triangle is 8 inches long. What is the triangle’s perimeter?
Grade 4-2 Sue is filling snack bags. She always puts 7 cookies into each snack bag. She wants to find the number of snack bags she can fill using 42 cookies.
Grade 4-3 Find the largest whole number such that 7 times that number is less than 100.
Grade 4-4 10 divided by  equals
Grade 4-5 Kathy makes 6 out of every 7 shots she tries when she plays basketball. Out of 28 shots Kathy tries, how many shots will she make?

Grade 5

Grade 5-1 Five children divided some cake equally. Three of the children together got what percentage of the cake?
Grade 5-2 On a TV channel, commercials are shown for 6 minutes in a 30 minute slot.  What fractional part of an hour were commercials shown?
Grade 5-3 I have 27 cents. If I doubled the number of nickels I have, I would then have 42 cents. Exactly how many nickels do I originally have?
Grade 5-4 After a girl spends 1/3 of her money and loses ½ of the remainder, she then has $20 left. She started with?
Grade 5-5 Five children line up at the lunch counter. In how many different orders can they arrange themselves in line?

Grade 6

Grade 6-1 The sum of three consecutive integers is 33. What is the product of these three integers?
Grade 6-2 What is the largest 3 digit number which is divisible by 9 but not by 27?
Grade 6-3 A scientist has to repeat an experiment several times. The scientist uses 2/15 th of a pound of a material in each attempt.  The total amount of the material available is 60 pounds. How many maximum numbers of attempts can the scientist make?
Grade 6-4 What is the average of all the integers greater than 100 and less than 200?
Grade 6-5 If one letter is chosen at random from all the letters contained in word inciting, what is the probability that the letter chosen is the letter “n”?

Grade 7

Grade 7-1 There are three numbers. Any two numbers taken at a time add up to 10. What is the sum of all the three numbers?
Grade 7-2 What is the smallest 3 digit number greater than 100 which is divisible by both 5 and 17?
Grade 7-3 In a class there are 42 students. Every student plays at least one game among Football or Basketball. 25 students play Football and 26 students play Basketball. How many students play both Football & Basketball?
Grade 7-4 There are 6 people at a Christmas party.  If every person brought one gift to give to every other person, how many gifts are there in all?
Grade 7-5 A light bulb purchased at a retail store has a 10% probability that it is defective. If a person bought 2 light bulbs, what is the probability that both of them  are not defective? Express as a decimal.

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