The Founders of Study Concepts have successfully raised their children with the highest academic standards and are proud of their children’s accomplishments. They have now turned their attention to focus on the needs of other students by employing the same techniques that helped their children to excel in multiple areas. They are dedicated to ensuring that all students who attend Study Concepts, Inc. can be successful by focusing on each of the students as individuals and providing them the tools necessary to accelerate and retain learning and thereby help achieve their maximum potential.
From achieving exemplary scores on the SAT, winning in a wide range of scholastic competitions including science, math and oratory, to prestigious internships at private and government institutions leading to undergraduate studies at top-rated universities – all of their children were inspired and motivated to be all they could be. Study Concepts brings the strategies and programs that led to these accomplishments to each and every student who become an extended part of our family.

Ramana Palepu – Co-Founder, Study Concepts Inc.

Ramana Palepu graduated with an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta after completing his Bachelors in Engineering from J.N.Technological University, Hyderabad. Ramana complements his educational background with business expertise in Banking, Financial services, retail, and telecommunications industries. Ramana has a daughter who graduated from Georgetown University and studied at the London School of Economics, and a son who is currently pursuing undergraduate education at Duke University, after graduating from TJHSST in 2009.

Vidyadhar Nettimi – Co-Founder, Study Concepts Inc.

Vidyadhar Nettimi graduated with an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta after completing his Bachelors in Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Warangal. Vidyadhar combines a technology and engineering background with business expertise in healthcare, education, retail, banking and telecommunications applications. Both of Vidyadhar’s daughters graduated from TJHSST. Subsequently, one daughter graduated from Stanford and studied at the Oxford University, and the younger one recently graduated from Harvard University.


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